Sunday 16 November 2014

Hospitality With a Mystery Twist

 This weekend was hospitality weekend at our church, always a great weekend as we get to share a meal with people we've been matched with by the organising team, people we may not normally mix with or know as well. This year, both our morning & evening congregations were involved, mixing our young adults with families or those of us who may have been round a bit longer.........
I love these times as we get to chat & discover more about others, find mutual interests or have our horizons expanded by what others are studying or doing in their lives. This year I was a guest for a Saturday night dinner at Sue & Keith's house with Dan, Luke & James, 3 of our amazing young adults who serve our church in our youth, children's & worship ministries.
During the week I'd had a call asking if I was game to have a 'not so typical dinner' which rather tickled my fancy, the meal was to be a mystery so Sue & Keith prepared the whole meal for us rather than asking us to bring one of the courses on the night. The guys arrived with no clue of what was to come................
 Once seated, the mystery was explained, we had our menus with 20 clues listed on them. There would be 4 courses, & each course would have 5 'items' in them, whether it was cutlery or food.
Let the fun begin! Sue was to eat whatever I picked, & Keith ate whatever Luke had chosen..... bit of pressure there to ensure we made some kind of reasonable choice. James & Dan had their own choices. Some of the clues were quickly solved (thanks to Luke for humming the Pizza Hut theme for clue number 1), others were complete mysteries adding to the fun of the night. I circled the clues I was fairly sure were cutlery to hopefully spread them out over the different courses.
We all hoped we didn't end up with all our cutlery in one course............ (someone who will remain known only to us did manage to pick his knife, fork & straw for first course......)
And so the adventure began, (my apologies, these photos won't win any competitions but hopefully show the fun of the night)
Who knew 'baked anthracite' was coke (OK science was not my strong point) but thankfully I chose that for 1st course along with  "Titanic's demise" so had my ice cubes in my glass of coke, not on my plate as happened for some of the others, but I did have to eat my jelly with my fingers..........
By sheer fluke, I also managed to pick the straw ('Pharaoh denied this') with my glass of water ('used in Cana') for my 2nd course, & it wasn't too bad to spread my butter with a fork, making a ham roll.
3rd course became a bit trickier as I had chosen a knife in the same course as my peas & corn. (Sorry mum, that knife did go in my mouth, but I was careful, so I could eat my veges......)
I knew I had chosen a spoon for 4th course with the ice-cream, but didn't realise that was the course I had chosen the carrots & celery ('healthy twigs'). Couldn't resist a quick 'snowman' sculpture before eating the final course for the night.

 Here's a couple of snaps of some of our creative eating methods during the night.

Following the meal we all enjoyed a round of the game Sequence to round off a fun night (some people were very pleased each time they blocked a move from the opposing teams).
Sue & Keith hosted a wonderful evening, doing an amazing job of keeping all the food warm for whichever course we had chosen to eat it as well as being very creative with the clues they wrote.
We had one final group shot before heading home.
 This kind of night is a lot of fun, you could do this with any food combinations, creating your own mystery menu of clues.
Here are some more snaps of some of the weird & wonderful food/cutlery combinations that were enjoyed on the night.

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