Thursday, 29 September 2016

2 Towels + 3 Nighties = 12 Cleaning Cloths

For some time now I have been wanting to repurpose some of my nighties & towels into cleaning cloths & today was the day.

My soft knit nighties have seen better days (you know how they get after wear around the neck line & arm holes) but are so soft & comfy I just kept wearing them but the time had come to retire them & treat myself to some new ones.

I had a couple of towels that I wasn't using, one because it had scrunched up at each end when washed & the other one a lovely fluffy towel that had been a gift but not used as it doesn't match my decor.

So today I repurposed them into some soft, absorbent cleaning clothes.

After cutting off each end of the towels, & trimming off the edges, I cut them in half lengthwise & then cross cut them each into squares (each of my towels yielded 6 x 12" (30cm) squares.

I chopped off the top of each nightie just below the button placket & then cut out 12" squares from the skirt pieces.

For the first few, I sewed them on my machine using my walking foot, turning them & topstitching them closed, even trying cross hatching across one.

But then I decided to try using my overlocker & decided this was quicker, easier & a better finish.......I didn't fuss toooooo much about perfectly straight sides or evenly finished squares - they are just cleaning cloths after all! (Quite freeing for the inner perfectionist in me.)

So just a short time later........ 2 towels + 3 nighties = 12 Cleaning cloths. 
They are so soft & absorbent, quick to grab & can be washed & reused as needed.

Until next time,


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