Friday 17 April 2015

Apron swap

I recently signed up for an apron Swap through Jenny of Elefantz and Wendy of Sugarlane Quilts

This is only my second swap, my first one I was matched with my good friend Sam unbeknown to the swap organiser. 

For this one, we were to make an apron & include a recipe card of a favourite recipe. I was matched with Lesley from California, and we were asked to contact our partners to find out what colours and type of apron they may like.
When Lesley let me know she like the purple/ lilac palette, I knew I had some great fabric on hand that would be ideal. I did check out the shops but didn't find anything better so used what first came to mind. I love the colourings of this fabric and the words tea and pictures of tea pots set me imagining time spent with good friends catching up over a cuppa.
I also knew I had some gorgeous panel fabric with a pot of lilacs that could be appliqued onto a lilac tea towel as a little extra. How pleased was I to find out from Lesley when she received her apron that she loves drinking tea.
 For the design, I chose a simple butchers apron design, but added the frills across the bottom for a feminine touch. I was also able to fussy cut a tea pot for the pocket.
My all time favourite recipe is Chocolate Fudge so before writing it out for Lesley, I checked in with an American friend who lived here in Australia for several years to translate the sugar and flour types.

I loved how the recipe card from my recipe box even had touches of lavender on it to tie it all together.
When wrapping the gift, I had a strip of the apron fabric left so cut it into narrow strips & used that to tie up the package.
 Lesley & I posted our aprons on the same day (allowing for international time difference) & she received hers about 5 days ahead of my package arriving here.

What a gorgeous surprise inside my package! I had said I liked pinks & aquas & something pretty & how well did Lesley do in translating those suggestions! My gift apron is simply stunning, it's fully reversible, pockets on both sides, beautifully stitched & finished, something I will really treasure. Can you also see the curved shape along the bottom edge - how sweet is that.
 How cute too is the cake button on the neck straps, there is one on each side & it goes so well with the colours in the fabrics.
Lesley had also snuck little surprise gifts into the pockets - how cute is the notepad & I having been thinking for awhile now I need to find a needle threader.........pretty & practical!
If you have wondered about joining in a swap of some kind, I would encourage you to have a go, a great way to connect with other crafters from around the world. I will certainly be keeping my eye out for future swaps.

Thanks to Jenny & Wendy for organising this swap, it was lots of fun.

until next time,


Monday 13 April 2015

Handy Hint - Make Your Own Tube Turn Through Tool

I love my Turn It All Tube Turner tools as I shared in my post here.
I use mine when turning bag handles, my reversible headbands, straps & ties for aprons or clothes.
But even though they have their dedicated storage spot in my studio, they sometimes take themselves on 'holidays' throughout my house.....(read, I lose them down the lounge cushion, they roll under the lounge, they hide under a pile of get the picture)

The other morning, I was in the shower & realised my shampoo had run out, but as I was dripping wet, I didn't want to get out & hunt down the new bottle, so I undid the old one trying to get every last drop of shampoo out to use. In doing that, I pulled the pump piece apart to get EVERY last drop (desperation calls for action) when I had a light bulb moment!

The tube of the pump is exactly like the tube section for the turn through. As my shower gel was also running out, I decided to check that tube out & yep, it will work too. All I need to do is grab a narrow piece of dowel rod from the hardware store, cut to length & I have some new tube turn throughs!

Some of the tubes may be a bit 'bendier' (like that word? best one to describe them I think) then the firm plastic of the shop bought sets, but they still work a treat.

I have also now checked out my hand soap pump & it has a narrower tube which would be ideal for shoestring straps or dolls arms & legs.
I not only love the fact I now have spare tubes for when any of mine decide to take themselves off for a mystery trip around the house, but that I am doing a bit more recycling in these days of so much throw away.

Just make sure you wash them out to ensure there is no shampoo or soap still in the tube, dry them & then you're all set to go.

Until next time,


Saturday 11 April 2015

Pattern Release - Reversible Headband

It's been an exciting day here with the release of my first pattern on Craftsy!
  For some years now I have been making gorgeous Reversible Headbands for sale at markets and they are  consistently my best selling item with several repeat customers.

With the encouragement of some wonderful women I have met via facebook and crafting groups, I decided to take the step to release the pattern for others to make.

The Reversible Headband is suitable for a very wide range of ages, I was able to source some great narrow (1/2") headbands several years ago and girls from as young as 4 or 5 wear them, up to my mum who is 83. When I first made some, I simply picked up some headbands from my local grocery store or reject shop.

To change the look, you simply twist the fabric over (don't bend the band, it will snap!) to wear with the other side facing. Some people even wear them with the fabric half & half keeping the twist in the middle of the band.

It's lots of fun finding coordinating fabric for the headbands and recently I have begun adding trims to vary the look. Stay tuned for a tutorial in the next few weeks on ways to vary the headbands. 

I have to say up front my amazing brother and sister in law have played a huge part in this journey too as well with their background in web design, computer knowledge & graphic arts, they have generously given me time to understand all the processes involved (I still find fabric more fun than technology). To coincide with the release of the pattern, my sister in law also revamped my business logo for a fresh new look. 

If anyone is looking for a talented graphic artist you can contact her at Blue Triangle Design.

I would love to see any Reversible Headbands you make with the pattern.

Until next time,

Thursday 2 April 2015

Easter Greetings

As I write this post, it is a wet cool Good Friday here in Sydney. I have just come home from our Good Friday service at church. Lots of people like going away over this holiday weekend but for me, it is my all time favourite time to be in services at my home church, reflecting on the significance of the Easter message, the hope we have as mankind through Christ's death & resurrection.

I wish you could have joined me, our worship team did the most amazing job of bringing us music to reflect on & focus on the Easter message. With the addition of a cello & saxophone, it was simply beautiful.

This morning I came across this you tube clip of an adaptation of Hallelujah, the words telling the significance of the Easter Message. If you follow the link, I hope you are blessed by listening & reminded of the hope, significance & impact of Christ's obedience to death on the cross.

Here is the song with scenes of the movie The Passion of the Christ which while confronting to watch, makes the impact of the words & all Christ did even more significant.

Until next time,