Monday 13 April 2015

Handy Hint - Make Your Own Tube Turn Through Tool

I love my Turn It All Tube Turner tools as I shared in my post here.
I use mine when turning bag handles, my reversible headbands, straps & ties for aprons or clothes.
But even though they have their dedicated storage spot in my studio, they sometimes take themselves on 'holidays' throughout my house.....(read, I lose them down the lounge cushion, they roll under the lounge, they hide under a pile of get the picture)

The other morning, I was in the shower & realised my shampoo had run out, but as I was dripping wet, I didn't want to get out & hunt down the new bottle, so I undid the old one trying to get every last drop of shampoo out to use. In doing that, I pulled the pump piece apart to get EVERY last drop (desperation calls for action) when I had a light bulb moment!

The tube of the pump is exactly like the tube section for the turn through. As my shower gel was also running out, I decided to check that tube out & yep, it will work too. All I need to do is grab a narrow piece of dowel rod from the hardware store, cut to length & I have some new tube turn throughs!

Some of the tubes may be a bit 'bendier' (like that word? best one to describe them I think) then the firm plastic of the shop bought sets, but they still work a treat.

I have also now checked out my hand soap pump & it has a narrower tube which would be ideal for shoestring straps or dolls arms & legs.
I not only love the fact I now have spare tubes for when any of mine decide to take themselves off for a mystery trip around the house, but that I am doing a bit more recycling in these days of so much throw away.

Just make sure you wash them out to ensure there is no shampoo or soap still in the tube, dry them & then you're all set to go.

Until next time,


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