Friday 29 May 2015

Twist and Shout Jeans

I have mentioned before how great it has been to receive my Sew Box Subscription box each month. Not only do we receive great fabric, but get to discover wonderful designers and new patterns. One of our recent boxes include the pattern for MadeByJack'sMum Twist and Shout trousers along with some quality denim.

I decided to make the pattern up for Mr E. the son of one of our pastors,
he is 18months old, so I made the size 2 trousers.
There are so many options to making these trousers,
I went with the patterned fabric for the front & pocket,
 did the waistband with mock fly & button opening.
You can also do the waistband with a zippered fly or yoga style knit band.
I couldn't resist adding a truck button to match the truck theme of the fabric.
Mr E. was so excited and kept pointing to the truck, looking at us in delight.

The denim was a rich, dark blue and needed lots of prewashing to remove the excess indigo colour. (An important step when working with denims - you know what's it like when you buy new jeans and end up with blue or black legs till you've washed them a few times.......)

 The pattern was clearly written with a great photo tutorial and went together no problem. It was important to use a denim needle and made all the difference sewing through the thick seams. I chose a red contrast thread for the top stitching.

Today, Mr E. came for a visit with his mum & baby brother. He loved his new jeans and was so cute saying truck. Another great feature of the pattern is the way you have the button hole elastic through the back waistband you can pull up and attach to buttons to get a good fit, and the pattern is designed to work with nappies too.

Enjoy the photos of Mr E. in his new jeans.
I think he really enjoyed this modelling caper and totally rocks.
 Oh and by the way, I was not asked or paid to write this post,
 just wanted to share with you all another great pattern I have discovered.

 I plan to check out other patterns from Made By Jack's Mum in her online store.

Until next time,

Monday 25 May 2015

Wedding Hankies

Earlier this year I was contacted by one of the young ladies at church to see if I would help her with her wedding day by embroidering hankies for the bridal party and close family. After discussing font size, layout, types of hankies, colours & threads I agreed to the order.

It took awhile to settle on how to prepare the hankies. I prefer to trace embroidery designs using pigma pens but knew they would be too thick for this job. Checking in with some friends, I settled on using a fine graphite led pencil. To prepare the hankies, I carefully lifted where the bride to be had placed the message then I ironed a piece of freezer paper to the back of the hankie before sticking the message back in place. Using freezer paper is ideal to provide stability for the fabric when tracing, especially when it's a fine fabric.
Once under way, we needed to regroup, two strands of embroidery thread were too thick for this delicate project. then trying one strand only, the threads were twisting, knotting and fluffing up and I was just not happy with the finished look.

The bride to be and I met, discussed, considered alternatives and I had a brainwave - I tried my machine embroidery thread but using it by hand - success!
So after many days and nights of work, I was able to let the bride know the hankies were done. I decided not to press the finished hankies, to allow her to decide how she wanted to press and then present them as her gifts to the bridal party and her family.

These photos show just some of the hankies and part of the messages.
I was touched too that when the bride to be came to pay and pick up her hankies, she presented me with a gorgeous bunch of flowers, some choccies and a thoughtfully written thank you card.
Until next time,

Wednesday 6 May 2015

Reuseable Shopping Bags

This year I have discovered the world of PDF patterns as I have already shared with some of my sewing from FLOSSStyle when I posted about the Groovy Guys Wallet.

Oh my, so many wonderful designs to choose from, such ideas to create and sew. A great advantage of a well written PDF pattern is when a designer takes the time to include photos in their instructions to show different steps in their designs.
Another designer I have recently discovered is Lisa from Two Pretty Poppets who designs some wonderful bags. One of her patterns that I have purchased and already made is her Reuseable Grocery Bag.
 Lisa doesn't know I plan to write this post, I just wanted to share this wonderful discovery with you. 
Lisa's patterns are so clearly written, with great photos tips to help in bag construction. I am in love with this pattern, and have already made half a dozen, not only to use myself but as gifts for others.

The pattern has two options, lined or unlined and I have chosen to make the lined version as I feel it is stronger when using. it is an ideal pattern to make in varying fabrics, find something that suits a friend such as the chook fabric I found for Sam from Four Red Hens. 
 I like to cut a few out at a time, bundle them up with their finishing bits ready for when I have a few moments to sew. 
Choosing buttons to finish the bag is lots of fun too, a small detail on the bag but something that can add that special finishing effect.
Keep them together at the front door ready to grab when heading out to shop or store them in the car to have on hand at any time.
This will be my go to pattern now for quick gifts.
I also have a few other patterns from Lisa yet to be made up, so many great patterns, I just need more time to sew.

Until next time,