Thursday 18 December 2014

Wrapping The Gifts

I love present wrapping time as I dig through my gift pile, think of each person the gift is going to, why they are important in my life & how they might react when opening it. But, let's face it, not all gifts are easy to wrap! Some are bulky, odd shapes or simply need special attention to give them that wow factor!

Over the past few years, I have begun a tradition with my family & close friends of adding a hand made decoration at Christmas rather than a gift tag - double purpose, gorgeous gift tag plus future decoration for their tree. (worth mentioning if gifts are similar size or shape or you have lots of people to give to, may just be worth adding their initial to the gift or keeping a note of which parcel is theirs............)

I have also switched to mainly using white tissue paper - I buy it in bulk & have it on hand then to either protect precious items or as the wrapping paper & allow the ribbon, trims or decorations do the 'bling' effect on the gift.

In my Hints & Tips post Savvy Sewing Savings, I suggested keeping the narrow strips of fabric when cutting runners or striped fabric. These make ideal gift ribbon or bows (non Christmas fabric work a treat to pretty up a gift during the year)
Using either ribbon or fabric strips, tie up the gift & add one of your special decorations. If you want ideas to make some ribbon decorations, check back to the post Christmas Ribbon Decorations.

Wine, mini champagne or other bottles such as special salad dressings can be 'wrapped' in their own Bottle Gift Bag. For that extra touch, add a handmade decoration.

Treats such as cookies, peppermint rock or rocky road can be added in a clear cello bag & tied with ribbon. I also pop mine into a plastic tumbler then a clear bag or sometimes you can pick up Christmas printed cello bags that look gorgeous too. I make rocky road for my family as a treat to go with their gifts as their 'main' gift each year is something to bless someone else such as a World Vision Smiles gift, TEAR fund gift or A21 gift (lots of special gifts to be found such as goats, medical supplies, toiletry gear to help those in developing countries or girls who have been rescued from Human trafficking.)

Simple ideas that add that special touch to your gift giving. I hope the gifts you find under your tree this year are special to you.


  1. Oh those lovely wrapped gifts and decorations.I adore Christmas wrappings!! Will pop back and chase up those past links.Thanks
    Happy Christmas to you.

    1. Thanks Judy, have a wonderful Christmas & have fun wrapping all your gifts too.