Monday 8 December 2014

Tutorial - Ribbon Christmas Tree

After my It's Beginning To Look Like Christmas post the other week, I had a request for a tutorial for the ribbon Christmas Tree featured on the bottle bag.

I made the tree up into a simple hanging, but also another bottle bag to show the possibilities for this design. Changing the width or type of ribbon, number of 'branches' in the tree, varying the buttons added or even adding mini button decorations make this an ideal starting tutorial limited only by your imagination. My hanging is a simple one whipped up ready for this post & as a special gift, but you could add many more embellishments if you wanted. The lighter green bag has wider ribbon so the tree seems much larger than the one on the darker green bag on the right side.

You can also follow my tutorial on Bottle Gift Bags if you wanted to sew your tree onto a bottle bag.

Materials Needed:
Fabric (for bottle bag & lining or front, back & border for hanging)
Ribbon (for 5 'branch tree' - 1/2yard)
Buttons (for tree base & star)
Wadding or pellon for hanging
Pellon or interfacing for bottle bag (to reinforce ribbon when attaching)
Hanger if making tree into hanging
Extra ribbon for tie if a bottle bag (measurements listed on bottle bag tutorial)

** For this tutorial I have not listed fabric measurements as amount needed will be determined by finished project you are aiming for.**

Equipment Needed:
Rotary cutter

Press fabric
Cut to required size of project choice - NB if wanting a border on hanging, add now before adding wadding or pellon.
Iron on or pin on the pellon, interfacing or wadding on back of main piece of fabric.

Step 1:
Cut ribbon into 5 strips of following size
4 1/2", 4", 3", 2 1/2", 1 1/2"

Step 2:
Lay each shorter strip one at a time onto the next longest size strip centering the ribbon - e.g lay 4" strip onto 4 1/2" strip then trim ends on angle to size of next strip (so top of 4 1/2" strip measures 4")
Continue this step until shortest top strip, trim ends on angle to have top measurement 1".

**If adding extra 'branches' to your ribbon tree, you will need to work out measurements according to required number of 'branches' & you will need more ribbon.

Step 3:
Mark centre of fabric piece, pin ribbons 'branches' on fabric - I found it best to only leave 1/8" between each 'branch' to ensure neater finish but choice is yours.

Step 4:
Trial a zig zag stitch on your machine, noting as in picture the width & length of stitch selected & choose a smallish, neat looking finish = you will use the zig zag to secure the ends of the ribbon 'branches'.

Step 5:
Attach ribbon tree ( picture e.g. shows zig zag completed first down each side of tree then straight stitching across each strip of ribbon but I found on a later piece the ribbon stayed straighter & was easier to attach if straight rows of stitching were done first to secure each strip of ribbon, then zig-zag down edges to neaten cut ends of ribbon)
Trim ends of thread.

Step 6:
Attach buttons for tree tub/base & star at top. This would also be the step where you could add extra embellishment if you wanted to 'bling' the tree with decorations buttons or charms. (picture shows the auditioning of buttons for this step)

Step 7:
If making bottle gift bag, complete bag, attaching ribbon tie as per tutorial.
If making a hanging, finish as per desired result (if adding border, that would have been attached during preparation stage to ensure wadding was cut large enough to back border as well)
Picture shows examples of optional finishes such as border fabric, ribbon border or binding.

For this tutorial, I chose a simple binding option.
Attach hanger, ready to hang or give.

I would love to see any ribbon tree creations you make as well. Totally Tutorials Blog


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