Monday 20 October 2014

Mini Washers/ Make Up Cloths

After knitting lots of cotton cloths (pattern link & tutorial here for the 'Almost lost Washcloth Pattern') ready for Christmas gifts, I discovered another new pattern on the Simply Notable blog for some mini ones (I just love how clever some people are, adapting patterns to give us new ideas or projects).

These are so quick to knit up and I have loved making them in a variety of colours.
They are ideal as mini washers, and the toddlers who have been quality testing them for me love them! They are just the right size for their hands, easy to use and so colourful making bath time extra fun.

I have also had some friends test them out to use for removing makeup or even as their own wash cloths in the shower. Being cotton, they are soft to use, can be thrown in the wash to clean and kind to the environment as you can cut down on tissues and throw away make up removal cloths. 

They also dry quickly and don't take up much space in the shower or on the sink, avoiding that wet smell that can hang around with large washers.
You could also leave a selection by the basin for visitors to use, or give a few to a new mum at a baby shower, the ideal size and so soft to use on babies.


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