Saturday 27 September 2014

Tutorial - Baby Blocks

Blocks are a great gift for children, ideal for motor development as well as language development. I also add a child safe rattle to the block. They can be made any size, using quality cotton, a great way to use fabric panels - if they are square pictures & have space between the blocks pictures.

Select your fabric - you will need 6 squares.

I stitch mine to wadding as I find this gives a smoother finish to the blocks (also a great way to use up those smaller wadding scrap pieces) Hint - always best to stitch child toys with a tiny stitch for added safety.

Trim around blocks, trim away excess wadding - leave a 1/4" seam allowance. Hint - the line you have stitched around block is a great guide when joining block pieces as you can see the stitching line on the wadding as you sew.

Choose your block layout - hint check placement of pictures so you don't end up with some upside down on your finished block...... ( just saying......), the bottom picture is placed upside down so all pictures face the same way up round each side.

Pin & join pieces building up block - again use a small stitch for safety (on my machine I use a 1.8 instead of standard 2.2 length)

On last side, leave a gap for turning through & stuffing. Trim corners, turn through & push out corners.

Fill with stuffing & add child safe rattle if desired.

Handstitch gap closed securely.

Always a great gift idea and popular item at markets. They can be made in a variety of sizes, colours or themes. Also a great way to use up orphan blocks or fabric from a baby quilt so there is a block to go with the quilt.

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  1. Such a lovely idea, Robyn. Thank you for sharing your tutorial!