Saturday 16 August 2014

Rest & Be Held

 These past few years were not in my plan & have been rather a challenge.
There have been times when I have been overwhelmed by all I am facing & yet I am conscious I am not dealing with the heartaches or pains others are facing.

What do you do when plans come unstuck? Life throws you a curve ball? There seems no end to the season of pain/grief/hurt/loss...(place your word here..) you appear stuck in. In no way have I always navigated these past years well, there have been tears, questions, anger, frustration (you get it? just being honest here),

One thing I do know is that God loves me, He has never given up on me, cares for me & has a plan for my life.

Music is one way I am soothed & connect with the many promises of a loving God. My favourite group is Casting Crowns, the words of their songs full of the promises, hopes & truths of God.

This song,  Just Be Held is from their latest album "Thrive" & the words have brought comfort & encouragement. Why not take a moment to listen, I hope they encourage you in whatever season you are in.

 I also find encouragement from the promises from within God's word to us. The verse above from Ezekiel was part of a sermon a few weeks ago & was timely to a situation I was facing that very week.

 This one was from a daily devotion, a wonderful reminder of God's love & care for each of us.

 Can I encourage to take time, pop on some music, meditate, pray, reflect, just draw aside from whatever it is you are facing ........... just REST & BE HELD.


  1. Your faith certainly gives you strength, Robyn...I feel the same way.

  2. Thanks Maria appreciate the encouragement.