Monday 20 July 2015

Pattern Test - Capsule Skirt by EYMM

Introducing the  Capsule Skirt from EYMM - Everything Your Mama Made & More.

Even though it was a crazy, busy week, when I saw the call out for testers for this skirt, I just knew it was something I wanted to make. You know how it is, it just 'spoke' to me.......I loved the shape, length, that 'something' about the design that meant it would be just right for me - and I was so right!!
Yes, there may be other half circle skirts out there but I could see that this one was designed to sit well and with all the extra options and hints given in the pattern I knew it would be a winner.
I had seen some posts of EYMM designs on facebook and just hadn't gotten around to checking out their store but that has sure changed. Not only do they have a huge range of PDF patterns for boys & girls from new born sizes up, toys and dolls clothes but the ladies patterns range in size from XS to a 5X (including maternity options)! I love that the patterns cover such a size range and include those of us that aren't 'skinny minnies.'
The Capsule Skirt turned out even better than I anticipated. I love the versatility of this skirt, I can see it becoming an essential item in my wardrobe, taking me through all seasons depending on what I team it with. 
The pattern size guide was true to size measurements given, according to the chart I was a 2X and the finished fit was spot on. There are 3 length options given for each size to allow for a maternity option at the front or a longer back length depending on your hip measurement & desired booty coverage.  I cut mine the middle option both front and back but then took the skirt up an extra 3/4" so the hem sat 1" above my knee as per the pattern instructions -   but as I am only 5ft 2 1/2" tall (158cm) this was spot on to the pattern guide. There is also a very clear and helpful guide in the instructions showing how to lengthen or shorten the skirt depending on your height.
The instructions are full of helpful hints, especially if you are new to sewing with knits. There are clearly set out step by step instructions plus clear pictures or diagrams for cutting out and constructing your skirt. I found the tip of taping the pattern pieces up on a glass door particularly useful and one I plan to use again in the future - oh and there is no need to trim the pages, they print out so you can just overlay them as you tape it all together.
This is a very quick sew, giving a fantastic result and I think ideal for a beginner to knit sewing. There is also the option of including pockets if desired. I sewed mine on my machine with a stretch stitch then neatened the seams on my serger (overlocker). I used a twin needle to finish the hem.
Fabric: - Art Gallery Knit - 'Dotted Boulevard Knit in Black' - 95% cotton /5% spandex.
There is also a girls (NB - 18) & doll version of the pattern. At only US $8.95 (about $12.00 AUS) for the ladies or girls patterns or US $13.95 bundled as a pair this is a great buy. I have already ordered fabric to make some more skirts. Why not pop on over to EYMM and check out the pattern for yourself? There is also an extra special offer on until this Fri 24th July-go check out the site to see what it is.
Stay tuned for more EYMM garments in the future.

Until next time,


  1. Great skirt - thanks for sharing

    1. Thanks Bobbie, it's a great one to wear.

  2. Great skirt - thanks for sharing

  3. Great skirt - thanks for sharing

  4. Great skirt - thanks for sharing

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