Sunday 15 March 2015

Pattern Test - Adeline Top/Dress

I have been fortunate enough to test another new pattern for the talented & creative Pearl Moon of Boho Banjo. Pearl's Adeline pattern is being released this weekend & gives you the option of a top or a dress. Like the Zelda top I tested recently, this pattern can be made in either woven or knit fabrics.
Pearl gives a lot of thought to her pattern writing, her instructions are so very clear & easy to follow, in fact, when I made a 2nd top from the pattern several days after the first one, I didn't even need to follow the instructions. The pattern comes in two sizes covering a wide range of sizes.
The Adeline does need a soft fabric to drape well so voile or knit is ideal but there are other options given on the pattern instructions. Pearl is very economical in her use of fabric & layout instructions, my purple top is actually made using hand screen printed cotton (another post on this fabric soon) & is only 90cm wide so I did need a smidge more fabric than the instructions for the 112cm requirements. If using a definite one way print, you may wish to purchase an extra few cms to ensure you can cut out to suit the fabric pattern.
This time round I tried the option of print to store & it was so very easy to upload the pattern to Officeworks in the AO size option (no need to then stick multiple pages together) & well worth the $8.00 it cost for the 2 sheets (that's here in Australia). Email the pattern, pay on line & pick up the next day, how easy is that!
The top is so comfortable one, has a lovely flow & sits well. In making my first one, we discovered that as I am quite short-waisted, we needed to do an alteration on the front pleat so it sat better on my figure. One of the advantages of pattern testing for a designer is to discover tips like this so they can alter or note helpful hints on their pattern. Pearl is great with feedback when checking in on any questions such as how I needed to get an even better fit. For anyone who may be short waisted like me, I just sewed the front pleat about 5 cm shorter & moved the placket feature up higher on the top. The back stayed as per the pattern. 
A good friend came over to take these photos & then I popped the white/pink floral one back one when we went out to lunch afterwards. Cool to wear on what was an overly hot Autumn day here in Sydney.
I look forward to sewing other patterns that Pearl designs. I love her work & the styles suit me.
You can check out more about Pearl, her designing & the pattern as well as seeing photos of other designers tops & dresses & links to their blogs about the pattern test at The Aspiring Designers Challenge. There is even a Rafflecopter giveaway on there with the chance to win some of Pearl's patterns & fabric. Here is the link if you want to check out the pattern as well.

Until next time,



  1. You look gorgeous Robyn... I have loved both the tops you have worn....

    1. Thaks Sharon, love being able to make something for myself.

  2. Oh it is a lovely top - beautiful and flowy!